Thursday, September 27, 2007

Finding Dia de los Muertos items in the El Paso area

There are not too many places to find Dia de los Muertos figures and artwork in El Paso. Here are a few that I know of, but be aware that the selection is probably very limited. If you are aware of others, please drop me a line and let me know.

Casa de Emma (5034-A Doniphan in Placita Santa Fe). One of the best places for Mexican Folk Art, there's a small but selection of small clay figures and larger Catrinas. Items can be found year-round. UPDATE: Note: Sadly, Emma closed her shop in Summer, 2009.

El Paso Museum of Art Gift Shop - Downtown El Paso in the Museum of Art - A small selection of items year-round, which tends to pick up toward Dia de los Muertos.

Collectibles (4700 N. Mesa) on North Mesa has a couple of seasonal items.

GaleriAzul and Galeria on the Plaza in historic Old Mesilla (just outside of Las Cruces) carry items year-round.

Spirit Winds (2260 S Locust St, off of University) in Las Cruces has a nice selection of Day of the Dead items.

Now, of course, items for the
ofrenda (altar) are a different matter. Whether its offerings of food, cigarettes, candies, toys, liquor or whatever the deceased loved one may have loved in the earthly world, look no further than a small tienda or supermarket.

Copal, the resin incense often burned during Dia de los Muertos can be found at any of the Cool Arrows locations throughout El Paso.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Excellent El Paso Dia de los Muertos photographs, 2005 & 2006

I found this very nice set of El Paso Dia de los Muertos photos on the web. Some are from the 2005 Texas Rasquache Festival, some are from last year's festivities. Would love to hear from the photographer to give proper credit!

El Paso Dia de los Muertos photos

El Paso Dia de los Muertos 2007 events calendar

Here's the City of El Paso's banner for Dia de los Muertos 2007 events, plus link below for the full calendar.

City of El Paso's Dia de los Muertos web page